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"Working together to identify and eliminate inequities"

If your organisation seeks to:
  • embed human rights within the organisation and its work through a transformation process that puts human rights first
  • conduct a child protection needs assessment or situational analysis of a specific target population
  • carry out a review or research on human rights violations in legislation, policies, programmes, services or practices
  • design, develop and implement policies, programmes and services to address social inequities, social exclusion and human rights violations
  • get at the roots of health and other social inequities
  • empower communities to undertake community-based research and to develop strategies for tackling human rights violations and social inequities
...we can help you!

If you are an individual seeking to:

  • build capacity for critical analysis in a given sector or subject area
  • engage in community-based research or community action plans
  • develop or further your expertise in equity analysis
  • further explore how the BIAS FREE Framework works and how you can use it

...we can help you!

The BIAS FREE Co-operative, Inc. provides the following services to individuals and organisations:

  • Training of staff and/or field workers on how to include human rights in all aspects of their work, by giving them the tools to recognize and avoid bias.
  • Consultancy & Advisory Services to support applications of the Framework in implementing a project that puts human rights at the center of every phase the process: research method, project design, reviewing, analysing, problem solving, designing consultation process.
  • Resource Center to link individuals or organizations with background information, research evidence, training materials, and other resources that support applications of the Framework


We run capacity-building workshops on the BIAS FREE Framework addressing the needs of individuals and/or organisations.

Type of workshops:

  1. Introduction to the BIAS FREE Framework - upcoming workshops: Spring 2011, please contact us for details.
  2. Follow-up training to further and deepen understanding of the Framework and how to apply it
  3. Applied training in a given subject area or sector or on a specific issue.
  4. Training of Trainers (TOT) workshops
  • Can be custom-fit for your needs and time available
  • Use participatory learning methods
  • Employ equity and human rights principles
  • Embed anti-oppression methods, tackling all “isms” of oppression
  • Empower people to take ownership of the Framework
  • Equip people to apply the Framework to document analysis, and to all components of the research, legislation, policy, programme and project development and service delivery processes and to everyday practice
  • Sharpen analytical skills
  • Lead to personal & organizational transformation

To find out more about our training and/or request a quote for workshop fees, please contact us at (001) 613 983-0622 or by email at:

Consultancy & Advisory Services

Support applications of the Framework – As consultants, we work with clients on developing specific projects providing advice and giving guidance, support and feedback. We can help with:

  • Programme/project design, development and implementation
  • Research methods
  • Development of teaching materials
  • Reviewing and analysing research, legislative, policy or other documents
  • Drafting and dissemination of results of applications of the Framework, including for submission to academic journals for publication
  • Problem solving
  • Organizational transformation
  • National strategy development
Bishkek Workshop - 2007

Bishkek Workshop

Resource Centre

BIAS FREE Inc. serves as a virtual resource centre to support work to identify and eliminate social inequities throughout the world. We:

  • Manage a database – The BIAS FREE Database collects examples of bias and classifies them by type of bias, hierarchy (disability, gender, race, etc.) and application (research, legislation, policy, etc.). The database is an open resource that can be used by the public at large. The database can be accessed to submit examples of bias a person has encountered or to find examples of bias on a particular hierarchy or application as evidence for research or policy-making. Click here to go to our database to access the Submission Form to submit an example or to extract examples already in the database. For more information, please contact Andrea Pupulin, Database Manager at:
  • Link people to resources such as publications, teaching materials, local experts.
  • Connect people with shared interests in subject matters or sectors to work together and discuss issues, learn from each other and generate new ideas through email and List Serve exchanges, conference calls, discussion groups and as possible, through regional and global conferences and meetings, and through the Global BIAS FREE Network.

For more information on how we can help you or to request training or consultancy services and receive quotes for services, please contact: or phone: (001) 613 983-0622.

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